Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Not only visually stunning, Disney's latest animated spectacular Frozen is already being lauded as a modern classic. It's a thoroughly enjoyable tale, which manages the tricky combination of being true to its genre while simultaneously subverting audience expectations.

Filled with warmth despite the incredibly well-realised icy setting, Frozen takes the requisite Disney characters and tropes, from Princesses and Princes to singing sidekicks, loyal retainers to mythical creatures, selfish maneuvering to acts of true love, and subtly adds comic twists and dramatic turns, creating a truly fresh action adventure with a relevant message.

At its heart, Frozen is a simple story about the bonds of family, and the importance of being true to yourself - yet the beautifully escalating action creates an epic feel, and the viewer is carried along with the show, careering through the blizzard to the required resolution, which though sentimental, comes from a surprising direction which ultimately makes the film more satisfying - Elsa and her sister Anna are definitely not your average princesses!

Keen to see another Disney movie with a modern twist?  Enchanted stars Amy Adams as Giselle, the impossibly sweet heroine beloved by the prince she's just met, who is suddenly sucked from her animated world and sent to live in real life New York City.

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