Thursday, 27 February 2014


In the not-too-distant future, Theodore Twombley is an endearingly awkward office worker, still suffering the effects of his marriage breakup. An early adopter of a new operating system for his devices, he soon falls in love with Her - his personal Artificial Intelligence, which has named itself Samantha.

The concept may seem at first glance to walk a fine line between intriguing and off-putting - but it is brilliantly well executed in this examination of relationships, loyalty, and love between friends, confidants and lovers. From Spike Jonze's offbeat but somehow perfectly real script, to the careful, beautiful production design, Her is original to the nth degree.

By turns joyously funny, gauzily romantic and achingly lonely, the stellar performances and barely-there camera take us directly into the the heart of the story, in a world complete down to the last detail.

A meditation on communication and humanity in an advanced technological world, Her is a strange mixture of isolation and melancholic humour, yet it not only works, but somehow leaves you filled with hope for the future. A modern masterpiece.

Also featuring a future-Earth, themes of isolation and re-growth, and an unexpected but wonderful AI romance, is WALL-E, the tale of a broken Earth's deserted robot caretaker meeting an inter-galactic probe. If you haven't seen this breathtakingly beautiful, Oscar-winning animation, hie you to your nearest on-/offline video store!

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